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Re: "Bribing" for affection - too sensitive, or just let it go?

Hm. I expect polite behavior. When you walk into someone's house or someone comes in, you say hi. Same for bye when they leave. When someone asks a question I expect an answer. I don't expect my kids to hug and kiss whoever wants one. A handshake or a wave is acceptable alternative to me. That said, DS1 is very kissy. If he refuses, then I usually say, how about a high 5 instead? Or a fist bump? Because those are other things he loves to do. I intervene without doing it in a way that takes control of his body away from my son or allows disrespect or hurt feelings of those who love him.

Although I do think your mil was being childish. I wouldn't have said anything other than to offer an alternative like I mentioned. She'll learn soon enough that it doesn't work to be pouty with kids.

eta: I personally have a large personal bubble and will allow the same for my kids. I'm just not a naturally huggy person aside from my sister or kids. Or dh.

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