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Re: "Bribing" for affection - too sensitive, or just let it go?

We do not make our kids hug/kiss/sit with/etc. anyone if they don't want to. However, they are expected to be kind. So if someone asks for a five and they don't want to give one, they don't have to, but they do have to say hello or something along those lines. I let things go for the most part bc DS is pretty easy going. But I've also only ever had a couple people really try to force something, and during those, I've normally just swooped in and pulled something like "Hey Jack, do you need to go potty? Let's go try!" or "Come on sweet girl, let's go nurse!" Normally, it's a little bit obvious, so they get the hint, but it's not awkward to them.

ETA: I would do something about the "Well fine, then I won't play with you!" comment though. I'd probably be a bit passive aggressive and hope she got the hint. "Oh that's not very nice huh son? Come over here, I'll play with you!" If she said something, I'd be honest about it. That comments like that teach kids it's okay to be mean when you don't get your way.
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