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Re: "Bribing" for affection - too sensitive, or just let it go?

Originally Posted by Sha-nanagins View Post
But I thought, what kind of ridiculous, immature, manipulative behavior is that? I wouldn't let my children pull that kind of "Do what I want, or I won't play with you" crap with their friends, so should I seriously allow an adult to do that to my kids?
No kidding. That's really childish and would really tork me off. This time I would let it go. Think about how to phrase your thoughts in a respectful and understanding manner should it happen again. I think if this kind of thing happens with her again/often it is something that would have a negative effect on him. I'm sorry, but grandmothers who pout and whine about "well fine I won't play with you"........???? ugh!
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