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I'm sorry that you are upset. But - a 17 year old is STILL a child. They do not think rationally and their world is STILL all about themselves. So, try not to take it too personally. And actually, if she is jealous, that would tell me she really misses her dad, which is understandable (no matter how long it's been since the divorce... some kids always dream that their parents will still get back together). ... Also - I have a bit of experience being in your DD2's shoes. I have a half sister that cut off relations with us for a while - same reason. She is 11 years older than me and my parents did everything they could to make her a part of the family when she was growing up even though she didn't live with us. ... They live in TX (we are in MD), so we aren't "close", but we text, FB, etc. So, things are better. I call her my "sister", but we will never have the kind of relationship I wish I'd have with a sister. ... Good thing I have a brother, too! ;D ... Hope she comes around eventually.
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