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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Hello Friends!

I'm excited to have stumbled upon this. Quick update here: Feens (Athena) is 17m now and I don't know her weight or anything...she fits into 18-24m clothing and her foot grew just about out of 5s! She's getting taller and taller and she's got this big ol' noggin. She's much more verbal than Gianna was at this age. Still nursing around the clock...she doesn't really eat too much and there. She's a big mama's girl. She started walking at 13m and hasn't slowed down since. She's got a head full of thick, curly hair - far more than her sister had at this age!

I am a single mama now and have been for 16m now. My divorce will be finalized in a couple weeks. We are civil and sometimes friendly and he sees the girls once a week for a few hours. I am dating and it's sorta fun but I'm in no rush to meet someone. We've dealt with a lot of obstacles in the last few months (have had to move a few times..most recently because my apt. was ruined by Hurricane Irene) but we're getting ready to move into our first HOUSE as a family of three. It's got a fenced yard, big rooms....I'm so stoked. The girls and I are going to be so happy there.

I was surfing around here to see who is pregnant and/or trying to conceive....would love to have another baby...but obviously that ain't happening anytime soon! HA!
Jenna, mama to Gianna (4/07) and Athena , (T1D) (4/10) and Evanora (2/3/14), my successful VBA2C !!
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