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Re: a non-traditonal family here...

Originally Posted by blathnat View Post
I completely understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you have to hide a part of your life. I'm poly (part of a quad- my wife and our two male partners) and while we are mostly open about it in real life- introducing it into any situation is always tricky and I always feel that nervous hesitation.

Nice to know I'm not alone on the board Yay!
I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing.. how does that work?

Are each of the relationships separate in a way? Or is everybody "with" everybody..

Example.. Let's call y'all Woman A, Woman B, Man A and Man B.

Is it like Woman A is with Woman B AND Man A?
Or is Woman A with Woman B, Man A AND Man B?
Are Man A and B in any kind of intimate relationship with each other? Or only with the women?

Does that make sense? LOL And sorry if it's too nosey, I'm just curious?

Also.. how the heck does that happen? Does Wife A one day walk up to Wife B and say "I love you, but I want a man also?" And Wife B says "Ok honey, sounds great, IF I can have a man all my own?" LOL

Again.. just curious and I hope my question actually make sense. LOL

God bless!
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