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Re: Breastfeeding while in NICU...Did it work for you?

Sorry to hear your difficulties. I only have the one preemie, so I didn't have others at home to fret over and who also needed my energy and attention. I hope you have good family, friends, and church for support. It would have been miserable for me without them! I had preecclampsia, which didn't resolve for weeks after delivery. I was on Magnesium Sulfate IV for 24 hours after the c-section and wasn't allowed out of bed (which meant I also didn't get to see baby). I don't know what happened of if I was just too out of it to think straight, but I didn't even try to pump until the following morning (now around 36 hours after delivery). I wanted to see the baby once the IV was finished, but was not allowed because of high BP - I hated it! So, the Lactation Consultant came by and was going to come back later, because there I was, high BP, crying... However, I asked her to stay and she went through everything with us adn I was able to pump a couple ml's!! From there I pumped every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day. They suggested trying for 8-10 pumps per day to establish supply. You didn't have to pump through the night, but I would often pump late, just before bed and then when they woke me up in the morning for rounds. When I went home I set an alarm to wake around 4am to pump then to bed. If I went more than this I felt huge and would leak. Needless to say I had a great supply and although I stopped pumping when baby girl was about 9 mos, I still have half a freezer full! I hear there are some EO's that can help, doTerra is a great company for therapeutic grade oils meant to be used as meds. If you're interested I can find out names& dosages. One is supposed to help with initial establishment of milk and others to increase supply. Also the LC told me eating oatmeal - not quick, but the cooked kind, helps to increase supply. I wasn't able to nurse much in NICU due to reflux and she was getting fortified BM so if straight from the boob it didn't have as much calories/ nutrients in it. Once she came home I tried a bit, but it was easier to give the bottle because I had so much milk the flow was too fast - in the bottle she also had a thickener which helped with the reflux and ablilty to swalllow. Hope that helps definitely give pumping a shot! It helped me to just be alone and quiet for a while throughout the day.
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