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Re: PLEASE help... getting so angry!

Well this probably won't help LOL but when he is ready he will do it all on his own. He is probably letting you know that he's not mentally ready *much sadness for you Mama* I do think you are on the right track if he is going on the potty sometimes Yay! How super awesome this last summer was for him!
If it's not working 100% right now though revert a little. Put him back in diapers for a while. Tell him that it is okay and that everyone has accidents sometimes and when he is ready he won't diapers at all! He is probably picking up on the fact that it means a lot to you for him to use the potty and it's powerful to have that control over Mommy. So change it up, you can't make him do it for you he has to do it for himself. What's that saying "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" LOL
Read a lot of different books to him about other children potty learning. Have him play with kids who are potty trained. It also helps to change/check his diaper right in the middle of when he is really involved in play LOL, and really treat him like he's a little guy for a while. It may be all he needs is some babying to reassure him that you still love him and he's your baby to get him back on track.
Some other ideas are you could do an hour or two of Potty Training Time during the day when you can really watch him and help him to the potty and when he's got the hang of that add an hour or two until he can go all day or you could try leg warmers and a long sleeve tee and go naked bum to see if he will go to the potty then just like this summer. Then you would know if it was a control thing or a clothing thing.
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