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Re: Anyone else pretty bad at TTA? *UPDATED*


And for the record... DS3 was a "caught up in the moment" baby. LOL I told DH that it was our "careful" week. He forcefully let me know that he wanted to DTD. The following conversation took place between kisses and carresses. LOL

Me: Did you get a condom?
Him: No (kiss)
Me: You want me to get one.
Him: It'll be fine (kiss
Me: Are you sure.
Him: Mmmmm hmmm.. (kiss).
Me: You know this our "careful" week, right?"
Him: Shut up. (kiss, kiss, kiss).


It took me less than a week to know that I was pregnant. I avoided testing until I was a month late, lol.

And 9 months after that passionate encounter, we welcomed DS3 into the mix.

And hey, at least your DH was excited when you told him. It took me 15 minutes to convince my DH that I was not playing a prank on him, nor had I borrowed a pregnant friends pee-stick to try to "convince" him of the joke. LOL THEN he told me he was going to go take a nap, and when he woke up maybe it would all be a "bad dream!"

At the time that comment SERIOUSLY ticked me off. And it took DH a good month to really be accepting, and another month to be happy about it.

In the end, it all worked out. DH got used to the idea and even happy about it, DS1 and DS2 LOVE having a baby brother (except when he takes their toys, or knocks down their towers, lol).... and DH is just wrapped around those little fingers.

Again, congrats mama. Awesome that you and your DH are both excited about this little surprise!

God bless!
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