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Re: Tell me about charting to avoid

Originally Posted by joeslittlewoman View Post
I don't have my book out, but yes, 2 days if you are sure you ovulated. (I believe the recommendation is to abstain/protect a day after ovulation). And remember OPKs do not mean you are ovulating. They detect an LH surge that occurs prior to ovulation. Use your temps, cervical position, cervical mucous/fluid to confirm ovulation has occurred/is over.
Thanks for the reminder... but yeah, I know that OPKs will typically test positive 24 to 48 hours PRIOR to ovulation. Which is why I'm using that info WITH my morning temps.

I have no idea how to check my cervical position.... and am still learning how to read my CM.

I went from normal (not overly mucousy), to very moist but watery, not the egg white stuff people talk about. That was the night before last. Last night I got really "turned on." Then today I *THINK* I had a positive OPK. The lines are CLOSE in color, but I'm not 100% sure that my test line wasn't just a tad lighter.

Going to retest tonight and tomorrow. But if I got a positive today (CD 13), then that means I'll likely ovulate on day 15, which is pretty close to what I expect, given that my last three cycles have been 36 days, 33 days, and 3 days.

God bless!
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