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Re: She is always in pain =(

Keep trying to manage her issues but in the meantime to deal with the pain ask the pediatric gastroenterologist about Rx'ing liquid Karafate. It will coat her stomach completely and is safer then resorting to narcotic pain relief. Just be aware Karafate is good at coating everything even medicine so there needs to be a time buffer between giving other meds and Karafate other wise the other meds won't absorb. If you can't use Karafate our ped prescribed a moderate dose of Tylenol with Codeine. We give it very rarily (twice a month at tops) and rely mostly on Karafate but occasionally when Karafate can't be given or won't handle the type of pain I go for the heavier stuff. Of course, keep trying to address the cause just use these as a bit of a crutch to help her until her medical condition either get better or can be better managed. Pain can be managed even in the pediatric crowd. It doesn't have to destroy her quality of life.
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