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Originally Posted by Tweedledum

Toilet training is actually only the SECOND most common reason for child abuse. First being sleep problems. But how nice that you're speaking for everybody on this thread about what they've tried and what their philosophies on toilet training are! Because it sounded to me like there were a lot of posts perpetuating the myth of "toilet training readiness," ie, if the child is TRULY ready, he'll be able to bring himself to the toilet 100% of the time and have next to zero accidents. I'm glad to know that I was misinterpreting the posts and no one here was giving a mother permission to let her son crap and pee himself until SHE felt SHE was ready, or HE was ready, for that matter, and because really most boys don't toilet train until a late age anyway (on average, boys only potty train 2 months later than girls, and the biggest single predictor of what age a child will toilet train is the age the parents start toilet training).

Whew! Glad to hear I was wrong. OP, I support whatever decision you make for your kid and your own frustration levels at this point in time. But there's no such thing as "being ready" to toilet train, and if your child can really "do it all [ie, all the toileting] on his own," you've let him go in diapers for too long.
Potty learning abuse hits very close to home in my family. Reread the original post - there were a lot of words in there that called for calming - not scientific analysis of potty learning. She wanted support and perspective. I understand that there are lessons to be learned from your post but sometimes people need compassion not a lesson.
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