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Re: Nuva Ring

Originally Posted by newmommy13 View Post
I had serious mood issues. I couldnt even stand it after 2 weeks i took it out. Like serious dont look at me or i will scratch your eyes out. Lol
I had a similar response to it. It was the first thing I tried after weaning DS. My moods we all over the place, and worse than when I was prego. I felt awful. It would fall out, or nearly when I ovulated, and got to the point where i'd take it out for DTD (3 hour window if I remember right) I tried it for 3 months before switching to Yaz. Also hated Yaz, decided hormonal bc was not for us and went to condoms.

It worked well for friends that used it, and there are a lot of ladies here that obviously liked it. My body just doesnt do well with hormonal bc. I did like the ease of it, and it was comfortable.
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