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Re: PT vs. PL?

I have a feeling that different people mean different things when they use these terms. I first heard of it in the same way as above, as if people were offended by the term "train" - they would say "you TRAIN a dog, not a person." But personally I think this is a bit ridiculous - the term "training" is used for people in many ways, and no one seems offended by it. People train for a marathon. They get a new job and get on-the-job-training. No one seems bothered by those things... I think some people feel that children should be in control of everything (most things?) and when we as parents make decisions for them, that is abusive or at least a bad form of parenting.

With pottying, I know there are soooo many ways to teach your child to move to underwear from diapers. Personally, if I waited until my children wanted to use the potty, who knows when it would be. None ever gave any indication that they were tired of diapers - but all were trained around 2 years old (my last one was 22 months) with the exception of my twins, and that was because I was pregnant and sick and just couldn't do it. I used "Toilet Training in Less than a Day" and all were completely in underwear, with no accidents even at night, within a week. I would not feel that "training" is when the parent is the one trained, though, as my kids were completely independent by that time... meaning they initiated going, got themselves undressed and dressed again (for the most part), etc. I wouldn't consider a child to be potty trained if I was having to take him every few hours.

All that to say, I think it started with offense at the "training" phrase but now has different meanings to different people. I have a feeling it is one of those "politically correct" types of phrases, where suddenly a term is looked down on and communicates something that it didn't mean before.
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