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Ideas for increasing calories...

Back story...

My DD has been failure to thrive since a little after birth. The routine they've had her on since about 4 months (7 months now) is 3 solids a day which need to be essentially bananas and sweet potatoes based since those have the most calories. We also added yogurt. So a typical day is a breastmilk bottle approx 3 oz (she's never been able to nurse micrognathia, macroglossia, tongue tie-we still try ) fortified with Similac Sensitive (essentially everything is fortified with formula for extra calories), then a whole Stonyfield Yogurt, then another bottle, then a banana/grain mix jar of food fortified with, then a bottle, then a sweet potatoes, then 1-2 more bottles before bed and sometimes a bottle in the middle of the night. We tried avocado today, but she wasn't a fan.

All of this makes her horribly constipated (frankly, if it weren't for the failure to thrive, I don't know that her system is ready for all these solids), so now they've layered a laxative/stool softner on top and glycerin suppositories. Add to it, starting on Tuesday she decreased her urine output dramatically. Pediatrician was concerned it was congestive heart failure (she had heart surgery 6 weeks ago), but cardiologist doesn't think so and wanted me to back of the solids to try and get her urinating again, which is fine, but she doesn't take in enough calories on the liquid alone, sigh. I think part of the problem is all the fortification which is high in sodium, coupled with only taking about 15oz a day if I'm doing the math right with the stool softner/laxative.

So with all of that said, I'm looking for creative ways to make non-constipating baby food. Does anyone have any expertise in that area? I've wondered if using butter or oils in regular veggies, might be one way? What about oatmeal? How constipating is that? Is Yogurt really that constipating-she loves it. Are there any pasta's that are better?

The goal is-as high calorie high healthy fat as possible! Preferably natural and preferably something that gets us off synthetic stool softeners/laxatives (oh-prunes...don't work for her, she can eat jars and not go...) I've also wondered what options I have for natural fortifiers for her breastmilk bottles.


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