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Re: best maternity hospital on Oahu

I've delivered twice at Kapiolani and loved it. For the most part the nurses were nice and very attentive and my babies received really good care. They listened to my birth plan (although they do not have birth tubs) and I'll probably return there for future births.

My friends have delivered at both Kapiolani and Queens. The generally consenses I get from them is that at Queens they let you labor in a tub, but not deliver. The hospital is also prettier. The nurses are somewhat friendlier, but I've also heard stories where my friends received poor breastfeeding advice, had inattentive nurses and one friend had the doctor/nurses at Queens yank her placenta before it was ready to deliver and she needed a blood transfusion. I think that was more of a horror story than the norm tho. Other friends loved it there.

For Kapiolani, you can labor in a shower and bounce on a ball, walk around, etc. I've heard some nurses aren't too friendly...but I guess it depends who you get on what shift.

The reason why I chose Kapiolani over Queens (and it was a debate in my head), was that the baby's well-being was paramount over my delivery wants. My OB delivers at both, but my pediatrician really felt more comfortable when his patients were at Kapiolani.

Either way you can't really go wrong. PM if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer
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