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Help please! My 21 month old cries when I put a diaper on him

My 21 month old DS has started wanting to use the potty when I change his diaper. This is day 6 and he has peed on the potty pretty much every time he's wanted to sit on it. For about the first 3 days, he would go sit and pee on the potty and then I would put a new diaper on him. The next time I changed his diaper would be the same thing. Starting on day 4 he cries when I put a diaper on him after he pees in the potty. He cries "Mooooommmmyyyyy, peeeepeeee on the pooootttyyyy!" He is upset that he can't peepee on the potty with a diaper on. This is great and I'm glad he is initiating this on his own. Sometimes he lets me put underwear on him. Today, he just wants to be naked lol.

Just a little bit a go he had underwear on and peed in them, but then yelled to me "peepee on the potty." So he's telling me after he goes, which is good.

I just need to know what to do to help him tell me before he goes and how to help him learn to know when he needs to go. Are there any particular books I should read or things I can do?

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