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Re: Whoo HOO Friday Sat and Sun Chatter!

to the mamas with sick babes, hoping they all get better soon. Kaya has been on reflux meds for 2 weeks and they were working really well but now it seems like they may need to be adjusted, she is back to screaming after eating and projectile puking- yuck.

sarah- hope you enjoy your girls night out! i had one with some girlfriends last weekend and had a great time.

When i went for my 6wk pp followup the midwife did my pap and she called this week saying i needed to come in for a biopsy bc the results showed some abnormality. I went in for the cervical biopsy today and OUCH i am so sore. Hoping this test comes back ok, the midwife thinks its nothing serious so fx that she is right.
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