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Re: Whoo HOO Friday Sat and Sun Chatter!

All these little sickies make me . Hope everyones kiddos are on the mend soon!

Melissa, GL with your sons ear stuff- its nice to start early and get in front of it. Does he get infections? I have permanent hearing loss in both ears but do not need aides. I do however need a reconstruction of the inner ear sometime in the next few years. Lots of scar tissue from 28 years of infections left my drum and nerves not working so well.

Maile, GL to you too with the pap stuff. Try not to worry too much, abnormal paps are VERY common!! Take it easy this weekend!

AFM- we have been MIA for a few. Just been really busy. In the morning we have to drop a few things off at the PO before heading to the Track for DS2s bday party. It should be lots of fun but has been a pita to pack and prep for!! It will be our first whole day out with all four kiddos... I just finished making his Bakugan cake, he will see it when he gets up, I hope he likes it. Its not nearly as extravaggant as I usually make them but I just wasnt up for it tonight.

Its late so I gotta get to bed...night all!!
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