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Re: Whoo HOO Friday Sat and Sun Chatter!

Good morning! I hope today finds the sickies going away.

So my friend texts me yesterday telling me to call because Mari (our black lab that we re-homed with them when we moved 5 mos ago) had broken her leg. Apparently she ran for the road (about a quarter mile down the driveway and ran into the side of a truck. She might have walked away with out much of a scratch but she ran into the little step beneath the door. I was fearing a worst case scenario when I called and instead I hear that she's doing very well and everyone in the vets office was soo impressed with how good she was. They thought she'd already been sedated, she was so calm even when they had to manipulate the broken leg. I'm so proud of my girl but kind of sad that we had to re-home the best dog ever. It would be one in a million to find another with her temperament and obedience.

So I'm figuring which swaddlers work and which don't. The Summer one works but the pink kiddopotomus one I used (or tried to use) last night was a huge fail. I'm ordering a true womb and maybe a woombie to try from baby half off.

She's been so happy and cooing up a storm the past few days. (Until she has to poop or pass gas that is).

My DH just asked if I was still on my due date group. I said yes and he asked why... I actually had to explain the benefits of having a group of Mamas dealing with the same things I am right now... He's definitely clueless...

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day! Lots to do!
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