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Re: The weirdest things get me excited

I got a woolie wash and woolie spray set last time:
but found out that I didn't need the spray because the woolie wash did an awesome job lanolizing on it's own. It doesn't take a lot of the woolie wash to lanolize, with 4 pairs of longies, washing the recommended amount of time, the 4 ounces was plenty for that entire longie-wearing season (Fall through Spring), I actually still had some leftover for the same longies this season.

I got an 8 oz bottle of the wash this time around anticipating it lasting me quite a long time, even doubling our wool collection (and got it for 25% off which she still has going).

I don't know anything about the bar, but I did get a sample size from her with my woolie wash. I'll let you know.

She has a facebook page too that you can ask questions on:

Originally Posted by Becky1551 View Post
What do you get from her? I need wool wash, and I don't know the first thing about the difference between liquid and bars and all of that.

ETA: Also, how long does what you've ordered last you?

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