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Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16

I am having a lot of random cramping today. My lower abdomen gets hard for most of them and baby is still except for when I went a few hours with nothing. I am also a bit more active today - cleaning and laundry. So I am chalking it up to that. I am taking a short break because my stomach just feels sore now and I am tired. Then i need to get laundry switched over again and the front room cleaned up (pick up toys and sweep) and mop the kitchen.

My body is teasing me. TMI alert - I have had 3 small bowel movements so far today. They were really easy (not diarrhea, but not hard either) just like when I was in early labor right after the pitocin started with DS1. So my emotional, hopeful side is saying "What if it is starting??? I hope!" While my logical side is all "Probably not. You are way over-looking into things. Besides, we need Monday to get some more stuff cleaned."

I seriously got up today and all I can think about is cleaning. When DH gets home, I am going to have him to the hand wash dishes and hang/fold/put away laundry and I have crochet to do. I was going to work on it most of today, but I feel like things HAVE to be getting cleaned. I am hoping if DH is doing some cleaning, I can get myself to crochet.
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