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Re: Still nursing? Ideas for keeping supply up please

Originally Posted by mommymandy View Post
Still nursing here, by babe is so young still (8.5 months) so I really would like to nure til he is 1, but my supply is already suffering
Oh dear, yeah, if he's that little I'd want to keep going too! Levi's 16mos old, will be 2 just after Bug's dd, so I'm not really worried about it with him.
I don't think he's going to wean on his own, but we'll work on it in another few months.

Originally Posted by Casie629 View Post
There have been a few nights I haven't nursed him at bedtime and I am fuller in the morning, but not rock hard like before getting pregnant. I don't even need nursing pads anymore.
I don't think those are really great indicators. I have had the same things happening for months and months now, and Levi's been nursing the same as normal. The only time I actually noticed a real dip and him reacting to it (getting aggravated while nursing, not satisfied, etc) was right before AF was starting.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
I really want to tandem. Every other pregnancy I get that "climb the walls" feeling and I lose my milk (around 3-4 mo?) and so I end up weaning a toddler . I am telling myself I can handle the soreness as long as I still have milk! He (16 mo) still nurses every 2-3 hrs around the clock, so it's impt to us.

Originally Posted by flobee76 View Post
After DD was born, and my milk came back, DS was happy as a clam!! DS and DD#2 tandem nursed and bonded that way. DS would stroke her face and hold her hand.... omg.. so sweet!

Originally Posted by lovermuffin View Post
Fenugreek cannot be taken while pregnant!
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