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Re: October "Pumpkin Patch" Chat! 10/10-10/16

Originally Posted by litllegreekmama View Post
You mamas who have their babies already ( I'm so jealous!!), what are you doing about Vaxs? I don't want to open a can of worms..but the point about how yucky Drs offices are around this time of year especially, and given that we don't have a ped that does sick/well I'm wondering how I should approach it. I'm definitely not in either pro-vaxing or non-vaxing camp. Some i think are good, some i think are totally unnecessary, and definitely don't agree with the schedule they have of pumping them full of crap the second the kid squirts out!!

Does anyone skip visits with the newbies, or vaxs and how do ya work it? My DS is doing to be due soon for his 2.5 yr but i think we'll pass on that one He is growing/eating just fine, and I don't think he needs to be poked again for a LOOONG time so what's the point?!
We aren't in a pro-vaxing or non-vaxing camp either. I agree that some seem more useful/necessary than others. I just had a big discussion (it was beautiful!) with the local moms group women on this in the last few weeks. Many of them recommended Dr. Sears' "The Vaccine Book". It is full of useful information such as info on the vaccine itself (what's in it and how it's made), the disease it's meant to prevent and such. I think we are going to go with his suggested "alternative" schedule which limits the amount of shots given at a single time so the baby only gets 2 shots a month and they don't get the first shot till 2 months instead of at birth. Seems a more reasonable but effective way of protecting our babies from overload...just my

Good luck! BTW...I'm right there with you still waiting hehe...
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