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Re: who else here doesn't get preg easy??

Me me me! I have endometriosis and had the lap surgery done. It took one month to get pg. with dd. We have been trying for two years to get pg. with #2. ARGH! I am tired of trying, tired of POAS, tired of the ttw, tired of AF coming every month.
I have an appointment with a new OB (no midwife here, okay, they have them here but they do not see pg people!!!) on monday, so we'll see. I hope not to have surgery again, but it looks like I am headed down that road.
I am young and in good health.
I have been debating fertility drugs for a while, but what if I was only meant to have one child? DH insurance pays for most everything, so there isn't much to lose.
Except, I am tired.

+++ baby dust to all who are ttc
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