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Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long

Yes, sounds really similar to what my baby was like before cutting dairy out of my diet. We had no blood in her poop, but it was green at times. Alice was so fussy and gassy all the time. I would feed her and then spend the next two hours consoling her because she was in pain. I cut out dairy and noticed a difference almost immediately. I found that soy was almost worse than dairy for us, so I have cut soy too. It is hard because most processed food has either soy or dairy. I try to be pretty good about that, but some days I cave and eat something that has milk in the ingredients. That doesn't seem to be as bad for Alice if it's just a small amount.

You can find some helpful information on food allergies/sensitivities on Here's a direct link. Milk can take 2-3 weeks to leave your system, so it may take that long to see a difference in your baby. It's really hard to cut dairy out, but it was worth it for us. Alice is not a fussy baby anymore! She is calm and happy most of the time and I am finally able to get some sleep now! Good luck!
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