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Re: fussy baby poop and nipple issues long

Have not read anything.....

I have sore boobs and nipples, I am pumping so I think that is partially why my nipples are sore. But also with the over supply and over active let down I get a lot of pain.

LO has green poop from time to time and she is also always super gassy, it is because the over supply, I try to nurse a bit, pump then give her the breast again to get more of hind milk. Since doing this she has not had green poop again. She still has issues with gas, some might be due to her swallowing air, but I think she also has issues with the milk. My other 2 have milk issues, nothing severe, and I am allergic to milk protein. I never had to cut milk out of my diet with the other 2, basically the GI told me to limit dairy where I could, substitute with soy or something else, but I did not have to eliminate milk 100%. Nannon was fine with nursing after a few weeks. I am sure this LO will be fine in a month or so.
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