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Re: TTC while BFing GRADS & Greats!!!

Originally Posted by carlaross View Post
Marie ~ he's so beautiful.
I've been thinking about you constantly. I'm so sorry. My heart just breaks for you. You are an amazing and strong person and mama. I wish I could be there with you IRL to hug you, to help you in any way that I could.

Thank you. Now that my milk is drying up a little (it came in with a VENGEANCE at about 36 hours post delivery!) and I'm not in horrific pain from that, I think I've got everything I need. I'm still very painfully engorged, but not as bad as yesterday.

I just bought this amazing compression sports-bra from Target today and I might go get a couple more because DANG! They are holding the girls down and my chest hurts SOOOOO much less now.

Seems my boobs knew exactly what to do---make milk for a baby. Too bad they didn't realize that there isn't a baby around to take it. I have zero doubt in my mind that I'll be able to breastfeed as many babies as I want for as long as I want, provided I can get them into this world alive and keep them that way. I'm leaking at least an oz an hour...I even caught 2oz in a cup last night just to see how much was coming out. I gave it to my son in a cup and he said "mmm! Good! Mama cook good!" haha.
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