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Need advice! 23 mo old DS PLing and big trip coming up

Hi Ladies,

I'm not sure what to do.
Here's the story:

DS is 23 months old. I am expecting his little bro in January.

About 4 days ago, he started showing signs of HATING his diapers so I let him go bare and what do you know, he initiated going pee-pee in his potty chair.

So, we've been PLing the last few days and he is making progress.

The problem is, I'm not sure how aggressive I should be. Next week we have to go to Singapore for a week. In December, we will go to Singapore for 2 months minimum for the birth of our child. So some major transitions coming up.

For our trip next week, should I just put him back in diapers (and they would be sposies, not cloth)? He hasn't even practiced going on a big toilet yet. We're going to be in airports, guesthouse, doctor's offices, subway stations, etc. Or should I try to push through with PLing during our travels?

It would be NICE if he PLd now, before the new baby comes. I would hate to stop the progress and then he lose interest for a long time. At the same time, I'm not sure how to proceed without him freaking out with all the routine change.

What would you do?

I still have about 5 days before we leave on the trip. Should I give the 3 day potty learning a try? It's my first time on this part of the forum, so I haven't found the thread for that yet.

Please respond! I need input!
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