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Re: TRIM! :Alva POST YOUR ACTION SHOTS! "S" Series Picture #331!

Originally Posted by katedanzer View Post
I kind of take offense to this post. If you have an issue it should have been directed privately. 3000 items is not coming in 1 box. When your items are here, I will ship them should be this weekend (2.5 weeks after you paid, which I don't think is unreasonable giving these items are coming from China). You will receive a refund for your 2 N06 as I don't want you to wait for them.
Sarah- you are AMAZING!!! We all think you rock our socks. Seriously, all you do, all your patience, your willingness to take adds again and again and deal with all of us messing up the spreadsheet- you do it all with grace and kindness. When N06 still was still waiting, I was SHOCKED (and really glad ) that you would take more adds- I know this isn't easy to coordinate, and you do a FANTASTIC job!! THANKS from the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of my son's bum) !!

I see how mommy2daniel's post could have come off that way- but I really don't think she meant it like it sounds0- I was trying to clear up the confusion. She just had no idea that there was a wait on spiderman- so she was confused at why there were still being adds and the last box hadn't shipped. From the sounds of it she must have ordered directly from you and hasn't been part of the updates? I know from past posts she has had a really hard time finding a diaper that works for her son, and these work, so she just is really eager to get them. I imagine she might pay more for separate shipping of the N06- but that is just my guess.

Thanks again for all you do!
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