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What fortification recipe are you using? Are you fortifying to 22 kcal/oz? 24? 30? Using a higher kcal formula to fortify with should decrease the amount of total sodium. We use 0.5 tsp per 3oz of ebm of similac neosure 22kcal/oz (enfimil enfacare is the same thing) to get 22 kcal/oz. But right after we came home we were on 28 kcal/oz which was 3 oz EBM + 1 tsp neosure + 0.8 ml corn oil.

Its interesting that they want you to use solids to increase kcal intake. Oz for oz there isn't much that is better them EBM/formula. Bananas and sweet potatoes are NOT EVEN CLOSE to 22kcal/oz. I suspect she is on a total fluid restriction however since you mentioned heart surgery. If that is the case it does make some since but standard for heart kids is 30 kcal/oz if they can tolerate it.

Anyways, as for solids, we use The Greek Gods full fat Greek yogurt instead of standard baby yogurt as it is higher in kcal (240ish kcal per 6 oz vs 100 kcal per 4 oz) and lower in water. Also think about beans. They are fairly caloric, smooth pureeing, and can have fats added such as oils and avocado. Whole wheat pasta is pretty kcal dense too and can be coated with butter or oil. Oh and eggs if allergies are not a concern.

Ill come back if i think of some more!

GL mamma! We just now got above the negative tenth percentile at 12mo!
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