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Re: TRIM! :Alva POST YOUR ACTION SHOTS! "S" Series Picture #331!

Originally Posted by katedanzer View Post
I kind of take offense to this post. If you have an issue it should have been directed privately. 3000 items is not coming in 1 box. When your items are here, I will ship them should be this weekend (2.5 weeks after you paid, which I don't think is unreasonable giving these items are coming from China). You will receive a refund for your 2 N06 as I don't want you to wait for them.
Sarah, you have gone above and beyond!! I don't know how you do it all. Something that was supposed to be, what?, a couple hundred items is now 3,000?!?! You truly are a kind soul and extremely patient. It's everyone's personal responsibility to keep up with the status and you certainly aren't responsible for updating people individually or here on this site.

THANK YOU for all you've done.
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