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Re: mamas whos husbands have had vasectomies

my dh is having his vasectomy done on Monday!
You can check out the information from his doctor's website about post vasectomy sample, he explains it quite clearly :
go to , click on english, patient information, and post-vasectomy testing. It explains the procedure quite clearly (although of course it will vary from one place to another). (sorry i'm a noobie with less than 10 posts so I can't post a link yet).

... we're lucky it seems as we get to do the sample at home and mail it..dh wears a special condom and then pours the contents into the special container and puts it in the special envelope lol... the instructions say if that result comes back positive (ie. with sperm), then we'll need to do another sample and drive it directly to a lab... but at least nothing has to be done in an office hehe.

dh's favourite part is where it says that he needs to ejaculate at least 20 times in 12 weeks before sending the sample lol (it's actually quite a challenge as we have 2.5 month old twins)

and what was already mentioned, you'll never know if the procedure worked if your dh doesn't get tested.
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