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Re: Baby led Weaning - No Baby Foods or Puree's

9 mo DD has been doing BLW since 6 mo and she loves it! not to mention that we have never had to buy one single jar of baby food or puree a single carrot :grin:
We started by giving her big chunks of things (like a slice of sweet potato) but now she can handle smaller things like O's or peas. Basically we just put a little of whatever we're eating on the highchair tray and let her have at it. Meat, eggs, whatever. It's amazing what she will eat and she clearly knows when she (dis)likes something, wants more, or is finished. We went this way because 1, I am lazy 2, if she is a picky eater she will need to go live somewhere else (partly kidding), and 3, as DH put it, "she's been eating the most natural stuff in the world for 6 mos and you want me to shove this processed crap down her throat? Yuck!" (referring to rice cereal).
DD loooves to eat and is quite adventurous esp considering her age. BLW is also much more relaxed for the parents (there's no "she has to eat a jar of this and 1/2 jar of that" business). When we go out to eat we just give her bits off our plates.
It IS messier than spoon feeding, for sure. But it's so much fun!
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