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Re: TRIM! :Alva POST YOUR ACTION SHOTS! "S" Series Picture #331!

Originally Posted by ebandive View Post
Sarah- you are AMAZING!!! We all think you rock our socks.

I see how mommy2daniel's post could have come off that way....
From the sounds of it she must have ordered directly from you and hasn't been part of the updates?
As I stated in my apology to Sarah in an earlier post, I meant no offense whatsoever and Sarah and I have communicated and clarified this, since. I was only confused by conflicting posts I had read and have been a bit overwhelmed lately with my son's surgery approaching.
Surgery was today and was succesful but ds is very sore and cranky so we'll see if mommy and daddy get any sleep tonight..... my poor baby.

Sarah: You ABSOLUTELY rock! That's a serious TON of diapers and time you're investing to get us all a great deal. Thanks for being so willing to split my shipment for me.

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