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Exclamation Is there a way to resize the pic I insert in a post? And what about cut/paste in....

OK, I searched this section to see if anyone has asked this and I am wondering if I am just having a DUH moment or body has asked this...

How do I resize a HUGE image that I have inserted into my post? There are arrows that show up so you can resize it but when I try to move them they don't move!!??!!

So far I am only putting links in but I'd like to put smaller pics in the post instead of the links to the pics.

Do we use the attachment feature? All of my pics end up being too large for that so they won't upload.

I would love to be able to get that resize them since the option is there. Can we fix it so it'll let us adjust the size of it?

OH, and I would like to be able to copy/paste my text in a post I am starting but when i right click there isn't a "cut" or "paste" option. It's a lot easier to move sentences with that then deleting and trying to remember what I typed!

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