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Re: TRIM! :Alva POST YOUR ACTION SHOTS! "S" Series Picture #331!

Originally Posted by igotmywings View Post
wait so you requested that the snaps be added to the inserts or you added hip snaps to the bamboo diapers?
Sorry, let me clarify this. I requested they put hip snaps on all the regular diapers (not bamboo though I don't see why you couldn't request that). Some of the pics of their diapers don't show the hip snaps and some do so I wanted to make sure they all had it. I also requested getting bamboo inserts with all the diapers instead of mf and that was not a problem either, just raised the price of the diaper by $1.

I did actually add snaps to my bamboo inserts so I can snap two together so they wouldn't move around as much. Posed that in the alva insert thread.

I also just realized that the fleece inner diapers are a very different cut from the ms. I accidentally ordered 6 of the fleece ones as I really like the print and didn't pay attention to the fact that they were fleece. the cut doesn't work for my little one's skinny legs as they leg opening seems to be larger. I can see them working well for chuncky thigh babies. I also had to snap the rise to the medium setting rather than the smallest setting on the ms so they are definitely cut smaller in the rise as well. Since I bought way too many diapers, I will be getting ride of the fleece ones and keeping more of the ms ones. I do like that the fleece ones have the double layer of PUL under the rise snaps as well as the hip and waist snaps whereas the ms ones only have double layering under the waist and hip snaps and jsut the single layer of PUL under the rise snaps. Since the rise snaps are usually just left in place, I guess it's not really an issue though I guess only time will tell how they hold up.
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