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When you go Dairy free...

Do you have to go 100% dairy free? I could quite all dairy expect the half and half in my 2 morning (half-caf) coffees. My ped told me today that I could get rid of my ds's baby acne by cutting out dairy. She asked what color his stools are; they are bright yellow, with little clumps and watery. She said "Oh, well he would have a very slight dairy reaction"...

I am eating cereal now with almond milk. I do not care if I have to cut out cheese but I have to have my cereal, I must eat 2-3 bowls a day. I can handle having almond milk in that but not my coffee. Is it worth cutting out? He is a happy baby and does not have gas. He gets fussy when he is tired or has to burp, so I think the dairy is just effecting his skin.

What are your thought?

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