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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Hey ladies! Been a long time, but we're doing well over here.

Cecilia is 18 months old now, and still tiny-- she wears 9-12 month clothing (mostly 12 though some 9 month stuff still fits perfectly. Hell, some 6 month stuff still fits well, too), and teeny size 3 feet. But her skills assessment at the pediatrician the other day puts her at around 2-2.5 developmentally, so I guess she's putting all of her growing power into mental growth. She is 19 lbs 8 oz (1st percentile), 29 3/4" tall (5th percentile) and her head is 47 cm (61st percentile). Always a big head, this one!

She doesn't talk as much as I wish she did, given how frustrated she gets when I don't understand what she wants. But she talks and signs enough for most stuff. She runs and climbs like a monkey, too.

Still nursing a good amount. My supply 100% tanked around 9 months old, so we've been using the SNS for full-time supplementation since then. Around 14 months old, we ran out of donated breastmilk and couldn't find any more. She's been on organic formula since then. At first I really felt crappy about it, and felt like I was failing her by not being able to afford to have milk ship in or find it locally, but a friend gave me some wonderful perspective that eased my mind greatly. She said that it was a huge blessing when Cecilia was tiny that we had donated milk for her, and that now that she's a big girl who eats some food too, it's lovely that we are letting someone else with a tiny baby who really needs it have that milk.

At any rate, she shows no sign of weaning, and I am fine with that. She only nurses probably 5 times a day anyway, and not at all at night. Solids are still hit-or-miss. She is a very social eater, so when we have a group of people around eating, she eats a lot more.

We're considering trying for baby #2 soon. I have been nannying a few days a week for my baby niece (2 months old), and Cecilia absolutely adores her. She says "Addie" all the time, and when she's here, she bring her toys, her paci, blankets, etc. and totally dotes on her. She also covers her in kisses. It's so adorable! So, she's made us think that she would love a new baby around, and so it might be time to take the plunge!
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