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Re: Ideas for increasing calories...

Hmmm... my only concern with the focus on high fat calories is that they aren't a good replacement of what the baby is intended to be getting - i.e. breastmilk or formula. Both of these sources are nutrient dense calories and breastmilk is richer in fats than formula, ounce per ounce so the theory behind wanting baby to be gaining a certain amount by a certain age is linked to wanting baby to get certain nutrients in her diet. Does that make sense? So adding more fat doesn't really accomplish that.

Avocados are nutrient rich, as far as solids go, and they are a great source of good fat. However, they are not a rich in fats or nutrients as breastmilk or formula... See the problem? Plus, if constipation is a problem, it seems like more solids wouldn't really help. If she has a heart condition and is on a limited liquid diet, that presents some challenges...

If I were in your shoes, I would call up your baby's primary care provider and ask them to hold a meeting with all of her specialists and have you and Dad involved. This is the "health care TEAM" and they need to work together for your baby's benefit. To do this, everyone needs to get on the same page. And I would also request that a Nutritionist who specializes in infant nutrition get involved, too. Doctors are really good with managing disease and illness but not so great with nutrition. I'd want someone who specializes in that to be in on the team to make sure my baby is getting everything she needs to work around whatever special condition she has AND what she needs to grow and develop to her full potential. It might be the difference between surviving and thriving. She should be given the opportunity, if possible, to thrive.

It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate and I hope you find solutions that will help your little one. She's lucky to have a Mommy who is so concerned and making such efforts to do what is best for her! One loved little girl.
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