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Wool Issues?????? Getting frustrated......

Ok SO the first time I used a Jersy Wool wrap on dd I LOVED IT!!!!!! SO I bought it up. I have a few soakers and a few wraps. I notice when DD is wearing them and she wets, her clothes feel "damp". What gives???? The wool feels damp too, I want to keep using it and just ordered some more soakers BUT not if this keeps happening. And yes I am lanolising/washing. I actually have been washing with wool wash from doodlebottoms, then after they are dry I use my liquid lanolin and put some in my hand and work it into the inside of cover before using it to give it some extra protection.

It seems like the first pee is fine, but after I change her that first time then she pees and it gets damp????

Anyways I guess what I want to know is who else has this problem?? Is this just how wool is......if not what do I do???? If I use any more lanolin on it I know it will be "sticky".

Please help I am on the verge of selling it all and going to pockets only. And thats no fun


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