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ohhh the burn!!! (heart burn that is)

OK mamas, I need some help! Im going to ask my OB dr at my next appointment this coming week but just wondered what your opinions are on this. I have had TERRIBLE heartburn this pregnancy. With DD it was very little and usually Papaya tablets would knock it, tums always knocked it. This time papaya doesnt touch it, tums does occasionally but I have resorted to Pepcid right now and even that sometimes doesnt stop it. Is there something else over the counter that would work better then Pepcid or do I need to see about getting a prescription now? I really am not a fan of taking a ton of pills and I dont like to get prescriptions unless absolutely necessary but at this point if nothing else over the counter is promising I am willing to try prescription!

The weirdest stuff gives me heartburn now too, I can eat pizza til the cows come home but peanut butter, bananas, Orange Juice, Gatorade, Chocolate, Coffee. . . all give me heartburn like you would not believe. I ate a sausage mcmuffin and got a latte at mcdonalds this morning (shame I know) and wouldnt you know the sausage didnt bother me at all but I was feeling the coffee in my throat all morning. Go figure!
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