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Re: ohhh the burn!!! (heart burn that is)

Originally Posted by vittoriosmom View Post
I take prilosec otc.This is what my doctor recommends for pregnancy heartburn. I have been reluctant to take it until even drinking water started to give me heartburn.
My dad used to take that,I didn't realize it was safe in pregnant.

Originally Posted by jwpsgurl View Post
Not in you DDC, but if you want something natural, papaya enzyme always worked wonders for me! Hope you get some relief!
Papaya is my usual go to for indigestion but it does nothing for me right now.

Originally Posted by SewInLuvWithEwe View Post
OT but they say that when you have a lot of heartburn baby has a lot of hair. Not sure if its true but I had killer heartburn for 9
months and had 3 babies with so much hair I couldve probably braided it at birth lol
I heard that too! My dd was born with a bunch of hair- dark black hair! I had some heartburn with her but not this much. If hat holds true this baby will have a head full!
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