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Stefanie - I have had back labor with all 3 of my vaginal deliveries. DS2 was a c-sec for breech presentation and I had no "real" labor with him.
I know doing some pelvic exercises (cat/cow from yoga for example) can help with baby's presentation. Check out - pretty sure they have some exercises and advice on there. Just google it also, other sites will come up.
For me, though, I truly don't believe there's anything I can do about it. Not a cop-out, I swear! With DD I didn't try anything, cuz I didn't think about it. She was face up, bad back labor. With DS1 I did everything they suggest. He was face up, bad back labor - although I labored for 4hrs in the tub and that was Seriously.
I know I was face up when born, myself. My mother and I are nearly exact in stature and shape. I talked about all this while laboring with DS2 and the nurse said it may just be that my hips carry a baby face up instead of face down. Just how they settle in down there and get comfortable. but I'm not worrying myself over it.

And I have had 2 natural, fairly intervention free, births in hospital. It's definitely possible. There shouldn't be any arguements - you are in charge. Tell them what you want and that's it.
I was induced (our choice) with DS1 with pitocin. In spite of that I had no epidural, I was no on constant monitoring, I labored in the tub for hours, and I ate/drank when/what I wanted.
With DS3 it wasn't exactly what I wanted - but by that point I was so worried about just getting a vbac I didn't care. I had an IV in each arm unfortunately - one for antibiotics (gbs +), the other for platelet transfusions (I have ITP causing low platelets). I was on constant monitoring - because I didn't bother arguing it. I was in bed the whole time - because, again, I didn't bother getting up. I know I could have, I just didn't bother. It helped that labor started at 1:30am, so at 3 or 4 or 5am I was just too tired to care, lol.
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