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Re: If you planned a water birth...poll!

I am hoping for one this time! Labored in the tub both times for most of the labours which were on the quick side. Lulu also had her hand by her face and I had bad back labour, and the water really helped. However born on land, i had an internal 2nd degree tear. I am not sure the water would have helped too much with that though since it was more about where her hand was. With Stella getting in the tub actually slowed things down I think, but it was a really nice calm and non-painful labour with spaced out contractions so I was happy to enjoy sitting in the tub. The only time it wasn't calm was when I had to push, then I just pushed like a mad person and of course I tore. MW seems to think the water will help with that urge and letting the peri stretch, I hope so too! I'll have to answer this poll in a few days.
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