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Re: If you had a homebirth, with older siblings around.

My kids have been present for all my births. My oldest dd was only 14 months when dd2 was born. She snuggled with Nana in the corner of the room and every time I made noise she would say "mama, baby". She is intelligent beyond her years though, and very much understood that there was a baby coming out.

When my third was born, a year ago, I had my first homebirth. I was already very much in labor when they woke up, they actually slept in, not sure how they did that only 15 feet away. My oldest was very excited (3 years, 3 months), she really wanted to be there. We told her in advance though that we would not wake her up if it was the middle of the night. We talked about it a lot and she knew that might happen. When she did wake up, she was AWESOME. Every time I finished a contraction she would rub my neck and kiss my forehead. She kept telling me "good job mama". DD2 was just over 2, and she did good too. She sat on DH's lap for a long time, then went to play for a while. She ended up walking back in the room just as I was lifting DS out of the water and exclaimed "A BABY"! It was adorable.

I'm due in December this time around and both dd1 and dd2 are very excited to be there for the birth. They will be 4 1/2 and just under 3 1/2. Again, we are explaining to them that it might happen in the middle of the night, and if it does we won't wake them up. They are okay with that. DS will only be 13 months, so we will just play it by ear for him. DH may end up holding him or taking him downstairs.
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