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Re: Questions to ask midwife/birth center births

Can you look at the birthing rooms? (You might think of your own questions when you see their setup.)

What interventions are common there? Episiotomy rate?

What complications would necessitate a hospital transfer? (What can/can't they do in the birth center?) Transfer rate? In the event of transfer, is there a particular doctor/hospital that they work with?

Can you labor/birth in water?

Do they insist on cutting the cord immediately, or will they delay?

Limits on visitors? Can you have the people you want present during the birth or afterwards?

Will they let you eat and drink in labor?

Are there restrictions on cameras/video?

Do they require continuous monitoring? IVs or hep locks?

I'm guessing, since your previous birth was at home, that you're not looking for an epidural. But maybe ask about what pain management they have available?

If your husband wants to participate in any particular way, will he be allowed to cut the cord/catch the baby/whatever?

Maybe ask about the qualifications of their staff and who they'll have present during your birth, if you have any concerns there.

Prenatal care -- how many appointments, and do they offer all the usual screenings, or will they allow you to opt out of the ones you don't think are necessary.

Hope that helps!
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