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Sock Monkey Boy Coming Home Romper w/ Tessa Ann buttons, low prices! Toddler shorties

Lots of wool, cheap, and make-me-an-offer

All wool has been washed in Alioops Monkey Farts or Naturally Luxe Monkey Farts

Any issues will be disclosed--please ask detailed questions--I'm not looking to scam anybody, just want to clear out stuff that we aren't using so I can buy stuff we will use!

Sold Items have been MOVED to Post #4!

Adapted Rhino Romper from Monkey Toe Designs $50ppd
Sold as NB but fits best between 9-12 lbs
Includes one pair of loafers
Cascade 220 yarns
Shown w/ Tessa Ann Buttons Add $10 to price if you want those buttons, otherwise I'll switch them out for regular matching buttons

Preemie Ella Rae Wool Longies $15ppd

Waist- 12 1/4
Hips- 14 1/2
Inseam- 3 3/4 without gusset, 5 1/4 with gusset
Thigh- 8
Rise- ?? (I didn't write it down. oops)

Large Steelers Longies Crocheted by Gillyweeds $40ppd MMAO

Hips-22 1/2
Inseam- 12 1/4 with gusset
Thigh- 11 1/8

I have two pairs of longies that we are finally outgrowing (4 1/2 months old)--they are NB/Sm sized. They are made with Cascade 220, first pair is light grey w/ dark grey trim & the 2nd pair is opposite.

Measurements on the light grey pair are:
W-13 3/4,
Inseam- w/ gusset 7, without gusset- 5 3/4,

Dark Grey w/ light grey trim:

Waist 13 3/4
Hips 17
Inseam- 6 without gusset, 7 with gusset
Thigh 9 1/4
Rise- 11 1/2

They have fit since he was a newbie. So, they are great long-lasting longies. I'd like to get at least $22 each+actual shipping.

Wool Scraps from the gray longies: MMAO or $6PPD for both colors (orange is gone)

Cascade 220 Shorties w/ Del Mar Trim & scrappy stripe $25ppd

The Cascade 220 is doubled in the main part of the shorts. The waist band is single layer of Cascade 220. The scrappy stripe & Del mar are also single layers.

Waist- 21
Hips- 24 1/2
Inseam- 4 1/2 with gusset, 2 3/4 without gusset
Thigh- 12 3/4
Rise- 16

Cascade 220 and Mosaic Moon trim Shorties $20ppd

Waist- 20
Hips- 22
Inseam- 5 1/2 with gusset, 3 1/4 without gusset
Thigh- 12
Rise- 17

NB/Small Noah (Bug n Bear) on MMW Longies (fit my peanut from about 1 month to 8 months)

Inseam- 8 with gusset, 6 1/2 w/o gusset
Thigh- 8 3/4
Rise- 13

Lanacare Soaker $35 Worn just a handful of times by my son, new to me.

Waist- 16 1/4
Hips- 16 1/2
Rise- 16 3/4

Sugar Peas Snap Soaker
Rise- 13
Waist- 14 (smallest snaps)- 18 (largest snaps)
Thigh- 61/4 (with slight stretch)- 9 1/2
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