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Re: To Homeschool or not Homeschool with Asperger Syndrome

My daughter is 10 now. She has been in public school since Pre-k. We have had our battles with the schools, and every year I consider homeschooling her. (My other kids would be outraged if I suggested homeschool for them.) However, we have decided that she will need to know how to operate in a social world in order to survive on her own later. She has struggles in school with transition times, and P.E. is a nightmare because of the competitive nature of most of the activities (we are in the process of trying to exempt her from P.E.). The other kids are not really a problem at this point. They have been in school with her for awhile now and most of them know there is something "different" about her. She has a good group of girls that usually watch out for her. She is academically gifted and does well in school. For the most part, the exception being PE, she loves school. Most of her teachers have been great with her. I do worry about what middle school will bring us, but we are taking one day at a time. She has come a long way. She has very few meltdowns anymore and is beginning to take more control. She still has occupational therapy and couseling sessions (for social situations & controlling emotions), but she has met all of her speech, language and conversational goals, so she is no longer is speech therapy. My fear with homeschooling her is the lack of social interaction. I feel that she needs to be around other kids to learn how to behave in social situations. But, there are days when I just want to hold her close and not expose her to the outside world!
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