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What do you think?

Not sure if this is the place to put this, but I rather accidentally put it here than the TTC, since I'm not dealing with infertility and want to be sensitive. I read the stickies but remain confused, so I chose here to be safe!

SO! I'm wondering if I'm feeling pregnancy symptoms?

My last period was a short one (for me) and went from October 16th-October 19th. My husband and I had sex (am I supposed to say "DTD?" Haha) on October 30th. This last week I started to feel bloated, and then today I had a very weird and sudden crampy 15 minute time period where a little bit of blood came out. All afternoon I've had cramps like before my period.

My calendar (that I track my period with) says that my next period is due November 17th, so it's too early for a test, but I'm thinking these are good signs?

You know. Just wanting to obsess. Like I do. And if I say, "What do you think? Am I pregnant?" to my husband one more time, I think he'll go stay at a hotel tonight. Haha.
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